Why do Camels eat living Snake?

Why do Camels eat living Snake?

Brothers and sisters, today I have come to you with such an amazing event of the Holy Qur'an, you may have never heard of this event before.

In verses 52 to 55 of Surah Al-Waqiyah, Allah Almighty describes a disease of the camel, one of the animals of the world, the desert shipyard. In that case, the camel has to swallow the venomous snake alive to get rid of the compulsive disease. This is not the end of the story. The amazing thing is that the water that comes out of the camel's eyes when it swallows a poisonous snake alive, acts as a medicine for human beings to release the venom of the snake again.


Let's try to know the whole point of today's important report from the beginning InshaAllah!

In the light of the Qur'an and science, I will share with you some very nice information about why the Azab camel of Al-Qur'an eats snakes.

Brothers and sisters, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) not only explained the rights of mankind but also the rights of animals and birds, and stressed the importance of kindness to animals and birds. Brothers and sisters, one word is enough to describe the beauty of the characteristics of animals that the Qur'an describes the animal world in different places. Not only that, some surahs in the Qur'an are named after animals and birds. For example, Surah Baqarah means Cow. Then Surah An-Am means four-legged animal. Surah Nahl means Bee. Surah Naml means Ant. Surah An-Kabut means Spider. Surah Fil means Elephant. That is, Surah Elephant is mentioned in the Qur'an. In the same way in Surah Yusuf there is a discussion of camels. 


A camel is an animal whose characteristics are different and different from those of other animals at once. The Holy Qur'an mentions a disease of the camel, in which the camel stops eating. Until death the camel just stares at the sun. Surprisingly, experts on this strange and mysterious disease have not been able to find a cool edge in researching camels and explaining the source or cause of the data. The name of this disease is Hyam. Scientists say hyam means to swallow a snake alive. Many again unknowingly started oppressing camels in various ways. But Allah has cured this disease called camel hyam by swallowing the living snake. There must be poisonous snakes like King Cobra or the terrible Python. The water that comes out of the camel's eyes during this treatment is also very useful for treatment. Because after swallowing the snake, the thirst of the camel increases and after staying in this state for 6 hours, due to the venom of the snake, water is constantly flowing from the camel's eyes. Many times camels eat snakes on their own due to which camels are very thirsty. And the most surprising thing is that water comes out of the camel's eyes, the researchers said that the water in the camel's eyes is very valuable water. And it is so important that every camel owner conserves this water in different ways. In ancient times, wise people used to keep it in small leather bags. Because this water is completely different from other water. This tear is called tiraq. And opium is a medicine that is made to destroy the venom of any animal. And this is the most important thing for people. 

For example, the tears of a camel will work as a relief for you if you are bitten by a snake or a scorpion. Then you have to drink the tears of that camel to destroy that poisonous action. This disease of camel's thirst has been described in the Qur'an in comparison to the punishment of the inmates of Hell, which means something like this: Then hot water will be poured on him and he will drink water like a camel in thirst. (Subhan Allah)


Brothers and Sisters, You shall surely eat of the tree of Zaqqum, then fill your belly with it, and drink from it hot water. Will drink like a thirsty camel. Here we are talking about the thirsty camel, the thirsty camel, after swallowing a poisonous snake, eats water so fast that it seems as if a river of water and its thirst will not be quenched. Snake venom burns the stomach of a camel so much. And he started drinking water when the net fell. And the dwellers of Hell will continue to drink boiling water that is so hot that it will melt the flesh of their faces as soon as it is brought in front of their mouths. Yet they will drink that water in one gulp and it will cut all the urges out of their stomachs and take them out into the back street.

Brothers and sisters, this is why our Prophet forbade us to drink water in one breath. Prophet (saw) said don't drink water in one breath like a camel but drink water in 3 breaths.

May Allah Almighty grant us to hold fast to every sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).