Never do this one sin by fasting!!

Hazrat Sheikh Saadi (RA) said, “One night I was praying Tahajjud prayers with my father, some people were sleeping next to us. Seeing them, I said, ah! They are asleep in such a way that it seems as if they are dead. How good it would have been if they had got up and prayed two rak'ats of Tahajjud prayers!

Then my father said, but I have a different idea!

Hazrat Sheikh Saadi (RA) said, what father?

Then his father said, how much better it would have been if you had not prayed and slept like them!

Hearing this, Sheikh Saadi (RA) was surprised and said, "What are you talking about, father?"

Then his father laughed and said, "Yes, at least to get rid of the sin of backbiting and misconduct." The comment you make about whether or not they are doing supererogatory prayer is a great sin. At this moment you apologize and repent. (Subhanallah)!!

Brothers and sisters, we have a lot to learn from this incident.


It is more important to abstain from sinful deeds than from the supererogatory period.
Because renunciation of sin is a kind of good deed. We should be more aware of servant rightful in particular. There is no accounting for how many sins we earn in jest.

That is why in the Holy Qur'an, Allah the Almighty says, "Those believers who are indifferent to idle talk have succeeded."

Especially gossip and destroying the honor of others is a sin of poets. It is a terrible sin to hurt human dignity. If the victim himself does not forgive this crime, then Allah will not forgive either.

Imam Sufyan ibn Wainah, the world-renowned hadith scholar, said that backbiting is worse than debt. Because the debt can be repaid but the debt of the sin of backbiting cannot be repaid.

If you gossip, you have to apologize to the person. In this case, if you are trapped in the net of shame, you will only lose yourself. It is best to be careful before backbiting.

However, if it happens that informing the person, there will be a bigger fitnah and in doing so, the opposite relationship will be ruined; According to a group of Muhaqqiq scholars, including Imam Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah be pleased with him), there is no need to inform a person, but to pray to Allah for him, to seek forgiveness from Allah for his sins.

May Allah protect us from backbiting.

There are three main ways to avoid backbiting: 1) talk less;
2) not to speak unless necessary;
3) Discard the missing person discussion as much as possible.

We will all pray to Allah so that we do not gossip and Allah will save us all from backbiting so we will pray.

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